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Learn more about our fun, informative, and interactive events!

We offer three different educational retirement workshops.  Pick the one that is best for your group!

"The Premier Financial Workshop for Women"


This fun and informative workshop is a “ladies only” event.  The P.U.R.S.E.S. workshop has been taught in over 20 states to thousands of women.  The information provided in the workshop aims to educate women about financial matters and help position them for financial security. 


The presentation is not only full of great information, but is presented in a way that can be easily understood. 


Premier Events works in conjunction with The JEWELS, an organization for women which has thousands of members nationwide.  

Retirement 101​
"An Educational Workshop for Retirees"


Retirement 101 was originally written for Georgia State University. The workshop was taught on multiple occasions to retired faculty and staff as well as those employees of the university ages 50 and over.  It was so warmly received and well-attended, the university’s Alumni Association decided to offer it to all of its members as well. 


Since then, Retirement 101 has been taught to thousands of people in retirement communities, churches and other venues.  The workshop is constantly updated with the most current financial information on Retirement Income Planning, Taxes, Social Security Issues, Estate Planning and overall Asset Protection.

Money C.L.I.P.
"Compelling Lessons for Innovative Planning"


MONEY C.L.I.P. addresses the many issues that must be dealt with when creating a well-designed plan. During this informative class, attendees will learn the TOP 10 LESSONS for building a strong plan that will position a person and their family to face the challenges, as well as seize the opportunities, associated with developing and maintaining financial security.


Attitude and approach are paramount in determining overall success when putting together a customized plan. Understanding options and implementing strategies that maximize income, minimize taxes and put a wall of protection around assets will be key elements in developing an overall strong financial plan. 

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