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General Information 

About the Speakers

All speakers booked through Premier Events are state licensed financial professionals.  Each presenter is extremely knowledgeable and has met training and experience requirements needed to qualify as a speaker for Premier Events.


Presentations are approximately 1 hour in length.  The material is presented through a professional slide show that is always updated with the latest financial, tax and estate planning information.  The overall message in the presentation is how to protect asset and be financially secure.

Nothing Sold at Event

Nothing is ever sold at a Premier Event.  At the end of each presentation, the speaker will give opportunity for the attendees of the event to privately request a complimentary personal consultation.  If an attendee does not request a consultation, the speaker does not pursue contact with that person.


We provide any advertisement you made need including:  fliers, newsletters/bulletin inserts, email attachments, etc.  


We make it easy!  We can provide a sign-up sheet for your group/community; or, they may register through email or our toll-free number.  You choose which one, or any combination of these, to facilitate an easy registration process.


Depending on your location, we will provide either a catered meal at no charge, or a complimentary restaurant gift card to each attendee.

Sponsoring Your Community Event

If you have an upcoming event that has been planned by your community, such as a golf tournament, dance, etc., your attendees may be eligible to receive money toward that event by attending the Premier Event!  

Gift Card for You

To thank you for coordinating a Premier Event with your group, you will receive a $100 gift card to a restaurant or store in your area.

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